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The Soul Whisperer has evolved over many years.  Integrating the power of ancient and contemporary wisdom to bring you the support, clarity, insight and soul soothing inspiration you need in the here and now.


The Astrology I’m talking about is Intuitive Soul Astrology – not the newspaper variety.
It is an ancient intuitive, alchemical art that has been practiced as far back as history can trace.
Countries, corporations, businesses, relationships, events and even questions can all have an Astrology chart – depicting their energy patterns.

Your chart is soul alchemy – a powerful tool. It reflects the absolute essence of you, your deepest soul urges, all the nuances of your personality, life lessons, life direction, talents, gifts, challenges, desires and so on. Giving both the ‘big picture’ overview and all the little details you could ever possibly want to explore about self, soul and all aspects of your life.

Our energy – mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual can be seen in patterns. The way they all overlap and connect can be “read” in your chart. Giving comprehensive and accurate insight into yourself and your life. We can also chart growth cycles (called transits) that very accurately tell you what energy trends (a bit like the weather) you are working with, past, present and future and how to make the most of them.

Astrology seeks to enlighten, empower and guide – it is always your choice how you play, respond and interact with life.

When I ‘open the door’ of chart, the connection between you and the universe is opened showing me where you are on your path and what you most need to know, right now. In sharing this with you, the information can unravel karmic tangles allowing your energy to shift, as deep within, the pieces of the unique puzzle that is you, fall into place.

Astrology consultations can focus on your personal journey and any questions you have. You can also choose a sessions that focuses on your existing or desired business/career or love and relationships. Bringing the same ‘soul whispering’ insight, wisdom and practical guidance to those areas.


Readings are 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min
Available in person, via skype and by phone
All Astrology consultations and readings are recorded and provided to you via Dropbox

There are 5 Astrology consultations to choose from and Card readings too – see the juicy details below.



Personal Natal Chart

Your chart is a doorway into your soul and gives a wealth of detailed information and insight into you and your life, including:

  • Your personality characteristics
  • Your emotional patterns – and how to work with them
  • Your thinking style – and how to maximize its power
  • Your most powerful gifts and talents (often overlooked or undervalued by you)
  • Your life lessons – and the gifts they hold for you
  • Your ideal work environment
  • Your leadership and teamwork style
  • Your soul path and what you’re here to master
  • How to maintain your unique balance
  • and more

You’ll have time to ask all of your important questions too

And most importantly I’m able to bring it altogether into a clear and accurate whole, with the insightful and practical guidance you need and can apply in your life today.


Love and Relationships

Want to know what makes you and your partner tick, understand each other better, enjoy your relationship more? Or learn why your relationships keep hiccupping in the same spot over and over?

Relationship Astrology can reveal that and much more and can be applied to a single person, couples, families, colleagues, business partner, friends


  • How and why you attract the people and situations you have in your life
  • The karmic, lessons and gifts that you share
  • Understanding your similarities and differences
  • Your love language
  • You communication style
  • Practical insight on any challenges you may be having
  • Insightful guidance to expand what you love most in your love life

You’ll have time to ask all of your important questions too

And I’ll be able to summarise all of the information into insightful and practical guidance you can really use.


Career & Business

Your business or job have their own Astrology charts that are connected to you in a special growth relationship.

Get the inside edge on the soul of your business, its heart message, the type of customers you’ll most easily attract, what they most want from you, the current and future growth trends and more. Put that to work in your business plan and life will be much more fun!

No matter how big or small your enterprise, Business Astrology is a must for the 21st century business souls.

This consultation can include choosing the best dates for launches, openings and any changes you are planning. If you are thinking of taking in new partners and staff members, we can incorporate their charts too and see how you will all blend and flow together.


Growth Cycles – Transits and Solar Return

Why is this happening to me? What’s next? When’s the best time to ….? Add your questions here!

Growth cycles or transits show very clearly the energy cycle you are in now and what’s coming next -the unique ebb and flow of your life. Just like a weather pattern. Words can’t describe how brilliantly insightful and empowering it is to have the benefit of this information – it takes the unnecessary struggle out of change and helps clarity, confidence and direction to emerge.

You’ll know the best timing for opportunities, where and when the biggest challenges are likely to arise, the periods of high activity and progress and the times you are better off plodding, pulling weeds, or sitting on the beach with a good book and a glass of wine.

Wouldn’t you love a map to guide you through the maze of choices, challenges, decisions and opportunities? To help you to understand how to successfully work with your cycles? To know the exact growth cycle you’re in? To be able to clarify all that’s happening in your life? To know the best action to take, while minimizing the “growing pains”? To be able to see your own “bigger picture”? To have someone who really understands, to help you pull it altogether?

A “Growth Cycles” Consultation can give you exactly that!



Chiron is the “wounded healer” archetype the core of our emotional wounds and the birthplace of our most powerful gifts and talents. We have an instinct to protect ourselves from pain. This instinct creates patterns of behaviour and habits as a protection. I call these patterns our Karma Drama. It doesn’t heal the wound, but it does create barriers and limitations that stifle our dreams, rob our energy, distract and delay and can shut us down over time.

In this consult you’ll learn about your Chiron Archetype and the karmic struggle surrounding it. More importantly you’ll learn how to work with it instead of run from it. When we embrace our Chironic energy it is enlightening, liberating and transformational.

A must for all of us in our life journey. Essential for health practitioners and healers from all modalities – understand this energy within you and your clients – Chiron is said to be the Master Healer.


Card Readings

Using the unique Egyptian Cartouche cards to explore specific questions, situations and future forecasts. The cards can also be included with Astrology consultations.



We all need support to move through the curly path of change and growth as we step into new territory. Coaching is a powerful partnership that helps you to make the best choices and to navigate the clearest path possible to your destiny.

The Soul Whispering style of coaching differs to standard coaching. Using the same tools and methods as in Astrology consultations and psychic readings, these insights are applied in your coaching. Your business has a soul path and purpose too, with its own growth cycles built in. Using the blueprint of your personal chart and your business chart, we can go straight to the heart of what’s needed for you and your business today and plan forward, knowing the growth cycle that lies ahead.

You’ll love the clarity, inspiration, confidence and direction this gives you.


Energy balancing and healing treatments

As we cruise through life’s up and downs, we’re constantly adjusting to something. From the little stresses of daily life, to major change and crisis. So the flow and function of our energy can get distorted and blocked. Resulting in fatigue, frustration, mood swings, overwhelm, anxiety and strains, aches and pains in the body. Right through to complete loss of mojo, depression and disease!

Energy healing incorporates a wide spectrum of techniques, that assist in clearing and realigning our physical and subtle-bodies to restore your natural balance and energy flow.

In each session I use a blend of ancient and modern techniques (Including Integrative Bodywork, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Vibrational Essences, Karmic Healing and so on) to assist in restoring body, mind and soul balance.


Live outside the Adelaide area?

The Soul Whisperer can come to you!

Gather some friends together who would like to have a personal reading and-or a workshop of your choice in the convenience of your own space.
Minimum numbers apply and vary depending on location.

Regular visits are already in place to:

Regional SA
Northern NSW
Southern Qld
Email or phone to enquire about a visiting service in your area.

The Soul Whisperer loves to travel!

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