I’m fortunate to work with many wonderful people – here’s a sample of their feedback.

Leonie has a true gift. With the ability to move you to new levels of being. A brilliant reader, gifted healer and wise teacher. You’ll get comprehensive, honest, accurate answers and guidance – that you can really use. Served with a good dose of humour and compassion. I always come away from my sessions with renewed clarity, feeling reconnected to my true purpose, empowered and inspired to take action.

Kylie Mathison

Senior Field Officer, Greening Australia

I have had the great good fortune of knowing Leonie Marks for many years. And have professionally consulted with her many times throughout. Her insight and guidance is second to none.

When I was looking for a Personal Development Coach for Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy I went straight to Leonie. She has provided incredible insight and education directly with our students during their homeopathic learning, in terms of their own personal development. I am firmly of the belief that the difference she has made is shown in the calibre of our student’s ability, to not only dive deeply into their work with patients, but also with themselves, as responsible and evolving healers today.

I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance, either personally or professionally. It is not often one comes across talent like Leonie Marks!

Dhanistha Devi Dasi

Principal, Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

I’ve attended several workshops and courses, facilitated by Leonie. She has a refreshing down to earth approach and always impresses with her knowledge, authentic wisdom, ability to connect, her honesty and integrity. A great listener and disseminator of relevant and practical information. She consistently delivers excellent and insightful personal sessions, teaching and mentoring – with a flair for getting straight to the heart of an issue, with confidence and compassion. Leonie’s gift of “being” is inspirational and contagious, making her an excellent guide, mentor and teacher. I highly recommend her services.

Ros Betts

Rainbow Gold Bodywork

Throughout my studies and in associating with other therapists in my field (including Counsellors and Psychologists) I have not found anyone who can, or does, express the themes and topics you communicate, quite so well and so profoundly. Your patience, understanding and ‘grace’ in sharing and facilitating really impresses and resonates with me. Thank you for an excellent program.

Dr Elisa Loi-Yan Yip

Trad. Chinese Medicine

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