The Soul Whisperer?

This name chose me. People say they feel like I speak straight to their soul and gave me the nickname “the soul whisperer”.  I’ve warmed to its natural fit with who I am.  Your soul and mine know each other well, they love to talk, you’ll see!

Who’s Leonie?

I’m one part enthusiastically studied and credentialed in Psychology, Mental Health and the like, with a searching, enquiring, ever hungry mind that loves to learn, synthesise and share.  Known by names like: Learning and Development Consultant, Manager, Mental Health and Wellbeing Educator, Counsellor and Coach.

And . . .

One part spiritual, kaftan, incense and crystal loving woo.  I was born that way. A tied-died, bohemian hippy, with a deep love of nature and animals and the gift of ‘vision’ – seeing, hearing and knowing beyond the physical and what can be taught. This part is labelled Astrologer, Psychic, Shaman, Free Spirit, Healer and Wise Woman.

Of course I am both, and together they are The Soul Whisperer.

What can I do for you?

I’m here to tame those inner tangles that send your mind into fog, make your soul rumble and your heart ache for answers, clarity and direction. I see you, your beautiful heart, your shining potential and how you can bring it all together in real time, to realise the life experiences you are yearning for.

“. . . Leonie has a true gift and the ability to move you to new levels of being . . .”

Every session is delivered in the authentic, slightly irreverent, honest, accurate and practical style I’ve become known for. Always with warmth, humour and compassion. I have the insight, strategies and tools to equip you in embracing  your now, with renewed clarity and confidence so that you’ll be steaming out the door ready to put your new insight into action!


“. . . her insight and guidance is second to none . . . “

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Stars & You – Sept 2

Share an afternoon with Astrologer Leonie Marks

A hands-on, personalised, inspiring experience, focussed on you, your chart and your questions. 

We’ll explore the amazing art of intuitive astrology, as we journey through your own birth chart. Including a guided meditation that opens the doorway to your inner astrological archetypes.

You are so much more than your Sun sign! 

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